Some Motivation

Be fearless in celebrating your accomplishments! Women in particular are socialised to remain humble and avoid any hint of boasting, while the reverse is usually true of men. You earned it through hard work, so why not shout it from the rooftops? If other people have a problem with that, it is their problem, not yours. Too many people see success as a zero-sum game, … Continue reading Some Motivation

The Laundromat

2019 Film, NETFLIX Movie claims Nawaz Sharif resigned after the panama leaks (He was dismissed) Then again it states its based on ‘some’ real shit. Star-powered drama,“The Laundromat” is about modern systems which protect the extremely wealthy. Panama Papers, Tax avoidance and weak laws are the basic gist. 1% of the entire world population damages the other 99% to avoid law and taxes. Financial Systems … Continue reading The Laundromat

Business Ideas for Early 20s

Young, happy, rich — you can acquire the latter two things at any point in life, but you are only young once. Your twenties are a great time to begin pursuing riches and happiness. The youngest generation is ambitious and many twentysomethings see value in investing in a business rather than spending their hard-earned money on college tuition. Here are some of the top business … Continue reading Business Ideas for Early 20s

WPC celebrates International Democracy Day- FINPERIAL Participated

“Democracy for All” aimed to highlight the importance of active participation of citizens to strengthen democracy. The guests engaged with a young audience who have an important role to play in upholding democratic values. Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Pakistan (WPC) is a non-partisan informal forum for women parliamentarians of Pakistan. Secretary WPC Munaza Hassan welcomed the guests and speakers. Followed by speaker National Assembly Mr. Asad … Continue reading WPC celebrates International Democracy Day- FINPERIAL Participated

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Signs your Small Business needs a CFO

When should a small business owner hire a CFO? While there is no right answer, there are certain indicators. What are some internal indicators that a small business owner should hire a CFO? An important internal tipping point is when information that helps the business make timely and important decisions is not being prepared. Business owners make decisions at the pace of the business and … Continue reading Signs your Small Business needs a CFO

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Benefits of Bookkeeping

Without bookkeeping, it’s impossible to measure the true success or failure of your business dealings. You won’t know that your 2,000 rs per-month magazine ad campaign isn’t worth the investment. You’ll have no idea why you barely have enough money to operate your business, and you won’t know where the money went. A smart business owner realizes bookkeeping has several undeniable benefits. Cash Management Benefits … Continue reading Benefits of Bookkeeping

Monday = BESTday?

Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist? Depending on your outlook, you might answer the following question differently: How do you feel about Mondays? Pessimists cringe at the idea. Mondays suck. They mean back to work, back to the grind, back to slaving away for holidays and freedom and weekends. Optimists might see Mondays in the opposite light: they signify an opportunity. In the … Continue reading Monday = BESTday?

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FINPERIAL organises Financial Literacy seminar in Islamabad

Finperial is a startup providing financial consultancy to other startups and SMEs based in Twin cities. ICON event management and Be The Change along with Finperial organised a free financial literacy seminar for non financial entrepreneurs in Islamabad on 14th September 2019. The event was held at WeCreate Centre F11. Hira Jalal ACCA, founder of Finperial was the keynote speaker. The seminar was attended by … Continue reading FINPERIAL organises Financial Literacy seminar in Islamabad

Are you stuck in your JOB search? Here are 5 things to do:

1. Build your Network – Don’t be shy to connect with new people. If they reject you, their loss. 2. Volunteer – It will help reduce the Unemployment Gap. 3. Learn new skills – Keep learning. Keep growing 4. Pound the pavement. Why not drop off your resume in person. Meet people. 5. Formulate a plan. Job searching is a job in itself. Everyday plan … Continue reading Are you stuck in your JOB search? Here are 5 things to do: