Top Consultancy Firms in Pakistan

A consulting firm or a consultancy is a service providing business consisting of a panel of experts or consultants who offer professional advice to a person or an organization at a specific cost or fee. A consultant is an individual who is adept in his or her field and is experienced and qualified enough to attend to the needs of his clients. A consultancy firm … Continue reading Top Consultancy Firms in Pakistan

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Virtual CFO benefits and Our Services

Better controls: Often, small companies lack a breakup of duties. One person is performing all of the financial assignments. This is a situation that can lead to fraud and theft. Hiring a Virtual CFO to perform these services gives you peace of mind and greatly reduces the risk of losses due to theft and fraud. Increased cash flow: Is your cash flow not where you … Continue reading Virtual CFO benefits and Our Services

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Why Small Businesses should have a Sales Strategy

Even if you have a knack for closing deals or have effective brochures, advertising and website pages for generating individual sales, that’s often not enough to maximize your profits. Using a variety of sales management techniques to reach that extra 5 percent to 10 percent of your potential can mean the difference between keeping your head above water and generating profits that fund your continued … Continue reading Why Small Businesses should have a Sales Strategy

How to: Calculate COGS

COGS, or cost of goods sold, is a calculation frequently used in businesses to determine the direct expense of production of a product. The COGS includes the cost of the materials used in creating your product and also includes any labor used to get the product to market. Distribution costs and sales team costs are never included in the COGS formula. Your business’ income statement … Continue reading How to: Calculate COGS

How to Calculate Costs Per Square Foot for Manufacturing

If you are in a manufacturing business, your company will have manufacturing costs. These costs appear on your company’s general ledger and are eventually transferred to the company’s income statement. If part of your manufacturing process requires a factory, the total square footage of your factory will help you determine your manufacturing costs per square foot. Shrinking your manufacturing costs per square foot will save … Continue reading How to Calculate Costs Per Square Foot for Manufacturing

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Signs your Small Business needs a CFO

When should a small business owner hire a CFO? While there is no right answer, there are certain indicators. What are some internal indicators that a small business owner should hire a CFO? An important internal tipping point is when information that helps the business make timely and important decisions is not being prepared. Business owners make decisions at the pace of the business and … Continue reading Signs your Small Business needs a CFO

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FINPERIAL organises Financial Literacy seminar in Islamabad

Finperial is a startup providing financial consultancy to other startups and SMEs based in Twin cities. ICON event management and Be The Change along with Finperial organised a free financial literacy seminar for non financial entrepreneurs in Islamabad on 14th September 2019. The event was held at WeCreate Centre F11. Hira Jalal ACCA, founder of Finperial was the keynote speaker. The seminar was attended by … Continue reading FINPERIAL organises Financial Literacy seminar in Islamabad

New Microsoft Excel Feature

No matter what changes Microsoft makes to its software or how much fresh competition it faces across its suite of products, one thing remains true: spreadsheet junkies use Excel. Shipped for the first time 34 years ago, Excel is the default product used for entering data and performing calculations, and it’s continued to be a key piece of Microsoft Office, which is still a huge … Continue reading New Microsoft Excel Feature

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SMALL BUSINESS: Financial Statements

As a small business owner, you wear a lot of hats. One of those hats might be CFO, but even if it isn’t, you need to have a basic understanding of financial statements for small business and what each one tells you. Knowing how to read and understand financial statements is useful not only for your business but also for personal finances, work on volunteer … Continue reading SMALL BUSINESS: Financial Statements