WPC celebrates International Democracy Day- FINPERIAL Participated

“Democracy for All” aimed to highlight the importance of active participation of citizens to strengthen democracy. The guests engaged with a young audience who have an important role to play in upholding democratic values.

Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Pakistan (WPC) is a non-partisan informal forum for women parliamentarians of Pakistan.

Secretary WPC Munaza Hassan welcomed the guests and speakers.

Followed by speaker National Assembly Mr. Asad Qaiser. He decided not to read his prewritten speech and speak his heart.

Mr. Speaker made some excellent points. He insisted on the importance of free and fair political party elections rather than just inheriting the title. He mentioned how he was elected every time by party members to all his posts. He thought this was important so that the political party workers owned their respective party.

The session started a bit late because he was late but after investigation it was learned that the parliament session ran overtime.

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser appreciated and encouraged the role of women in electoral and legislative system. He has urged students to take part in electoral process.

Mr. Asad Qaiser left after the launch. The event didn’t go dull because it was graced by another Mr. Asad! Mr. Asad Umar.

The claps wouldn’t stop when Asad Umar was invited to speak. He was the youth crowd favourite.

Cracked jokes as to why he was the only male member who was invited. Maybe equality by height?

“A nation like Pakistan which consists of multiple ethnicities can only prosper by upholding & strengthening democracy.”

– Member National Assembly, Mr. Asad Umar.

“The most powerful tool at the disposal of our youngsters is their voice & their opinion. That is what makes the real difference in a democracy.”

– Senator Ayesha Raza

“This country belongs to its youngsters and they are the ones who have to take it ahead.”

-Miss KishwerZehra, Member National Assembly.

FINPERIAL attended the event in full spirit.

Asked 2 questions.

1. What’s the process of public petitions.

Ms. Ayesha Raza explained in detail how the process is available on the website and procedures.

2. Ms. Shahida Akhtar Ali talked about freedom to do as one pleases is democracy. How does that justify the law on women clothing in KPK?

She was kind enough to address the issue with positivity. She explained how religion is to each their own. The decision is reversed now.


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