The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has restrained officials of Inland Revenue from conducting raids on taxpayers’ premises without approval.

“No commissioner or authorized officer shall undertake exercise of search or audit without approval of entering into premises of any taxpayer,” the FBR said in an order to chief commissioners of Inland Revenue.

The FBR said it received complaints about abuse of powers by the tax officials. It further said if there is a need to undertake such activity then a prior permission of the chief commissioner is necessary.

According to the report, the FBR said there will be no suspension from active taxpayers list unless there is personal interaction with CEO/owner of the business 24 hours before suspension. “List of all cases of suspension after suspension will be sent to Chairman FBR and Member (IR-Operations) with reasons of suspension and evidence of personal interaction.”

Businessmen have been resenting the actions of tax authorities and anti-graft body since the present government held the office last year. They said the actions are affecting the business environment and shattering confidence of law-abiding taxpayers.

Source: FBR, Pakistan Today

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