2 steps to FOLLOW UP after an INTERVIEW

1. “Thank you” email within 24 hours of the actual interview.

2. “Follow up” email 10 BUSINESS days after the interview.

What to write?

Here are two EXAMPLES:


#1 “Dear (Interviewer), Thank you very much for taking the time to see me today. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and I am very interested in the role. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.”

#2 (Subject line) Your name, date/time Interview.

“Dear (Interviewer), I hope this finds you well. Since I am still very interested in this role, I was wondering whether you have any feedback for me at this time, please?”

#2 can be resent every 10 business days until you get a response.

Do NOT “stalk” HR, Recruiters or Hiring Managers. Unless you want to come across as a total nut!

Anything to add, please do in the comment section.

Credits: Kirsty Bonner


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