Pakistan – 1st SouthAsian country to test 5G speed.

Pakistan’s Data Network, Zong 4G, the pioneer of 4G in Pakistan, is now the first and only telecom operator to successfully test 5G services.

Backed by China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), and supported by 11,000+ 4G towers and 13 million 4G customers, Zong 4G is truly a leader in innovation, advanced technology, and infrastructure.

Now, anyone wishing to test 5G will be able to experience lightning fast speeds of 5G.

With the 5G enabled technology of the leaders of the digital revolution in Pakistan, businesses will be better equipped to work on IoT and integrate interoperable devices, manage fleets, and systems through cloud technology.

Whenever 5G is launched in Pakistan, Zong’s customers will be able to experience infinite possibilities, define the undefined, and explore technology like never before.

Great News.

Pakistan is the FIRST country in South East Asia to have tested 5G.

5G will add about $3 trillion dollars to the world GDP and $450 billion alone to South East Asia- Mir Muhammad Ali Khan.

Source: ZONG


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