Indians Boycott McDonald’s

McDonalds India announced on Twitter that all their restaurants have a certificate for anyone to see that their meat is HALAL.

Just the word “Halal” has created such hatred all over India today that they are trending #BoycottMcDonalds.

How much can they hate Muslims ?

Just so that they know:




McDonald’s merely answered a question asked by someone on twitter. Little did they know they’d be boycotted.

Some went so far as calling them ISLAMIC.

But you know us Pakistanis. We started collecting evidence of how Indians have double standards.

Then their journalists joined in.

Even a famous Indian author supported this boycott.

According to experts, Halal is healthier because, after slaughter, blood is drained from the animal’s arteries, removing most toxins because the heart continues 2 pump for a few seconds after slaughter. In Jhatka, not all the blood is drained, leaving the meat tougher and drier. Jhatka is the Sikh way of slaughtering animals.

Fun fact: India is the second largest beef exporter in the world.

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