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Recession is Coming !

At first blush, it seems like the coronavirus pandemic is shutting down the economy everywhere, equally, with frightening force and totality. In many respects, that’s true: Across the country, consumer spending—which supports 70% of the economy—is crashing in community after community, as people avoid stores, restaurants, movie theaters, offices, and other public places. Already, the layoffs have begun, with reports coming in from both big … Continue reading Recession is Coming !

Roadmap Towards a Vaccine | Social Distancing

While governments around the world are taking measures to slow down the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists are working vigorously to find a long-term solution, meaning either a drug that helps alleviate the illness or a vaccine. While the world’s hopes for an effective treatment for COVID-19 are currently resting on an antiviral drug called remdesivir, which was originally developed to fight Ebola and is currently tested … Continue reading Roadmap Towards a Vaccine | Social Distancing

Daily Schedule COVID19

To all the parents who are confusing the time off schools as a vacation- follow this routine as advised and shared by Sophie Bellenis, OTD, OTR/LOccupational Therapist; Real-life Skills Program Manager and Coach. CoVid19 #CoronaVirus #Pakistan #Islamabad Suddenly having a surplus of unstructured time can be a strain on one’s mental wellness, especially for neurodiverse folks who rely on routine to stay regulated. Continue reading Daily Schedule COVID19

Humanity prevails! Shaheen Chemist gives out free masks!

When every other store is being materialistic and increasing the price 300% and more Shaheen Chemist is the real hero. This is from their Social Media post: Shaheen is giving away free mask as a precautionary action against coronavirus that has hit Pakistan.We are here for you! Continue reading Humanity prevails! Shaheen Chemist gives out free masks!