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Why Small Businesses should have a Sales Strategy

Even if you have a knack for closing deals or have effective brochures, advertising and website pages for generating individual sales, that’s often not enough to maximize your profits. Using a variety of sales management techniques to reach that extra 5 percent to 10 percent of your potential can mean the difference between keeping your head above water and generating profits that fund your continued … Continue reading Why Small Businesses should have a Sales Strategy

Our Message

Dear Clients, What a week it has been! In an increasingly global world, we may at times face challenging situations, which alter the way we do business, manage client relationships and go about our day to day life. The COVID-19 Pandemic is having a dramatic impact on our business as well as millions of businesses around the world. We have seen world leaders scramble to … Continue reading Our Message

Transfer funds for Free- InterBranch, InterBank, Jazz Cash and any other medium.

To contain the spread of the coronavirus, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has asked banks to waive charges on any online fund transfers. SBP has instructed banks to waive all charges on fund transfers through online banking channels such as inter-bank fund transfer. They will also not incur any cost in case of using ATMs or visiting bank branches to transfer large amounts and … Continue reading Transfer funds for Free- InterBranch, InterBank, Jazz Cash and any other medium.

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Recession is Coming !

At first blush, it seems like the coronavirus pandemic is shutting down the economy everywhere, equally, with frightening force and totality. In many respects, that’s true: Across the country, consumer spending—which supports 70% of the economy—is crashing in community after community, as people avoid stores, restaurants, movie theaters, offices, and other public places. Already, the layoffs have begun, with reports coming in from both big … Continue reading Recession is Coming !

Roadmap Towards a Vaccine | Social Distancing

While governments around the world are taking measures to slow down the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists are working vigorously to find a long-term solution, meaning either a drug that helps alleviate the illness or a vaccine. While the world’s hopes for an effective treatment for COVID-19 are currently resting on an antiviral drug called remdesivir, which was originally developed to fight Ebola and is currently tested … Continue reading Roadmap Towards a Vaccine | Social Distancing


Global demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) grew by 12.5% to 359 million tonnes in 2019, according to Shell’s latest annual LNG Outlook – a significant increase that bolsters LNG’s growing role in the transition to a lower-carbon energy system. LNG Outlook 2020 The Shell LNG Outlook, now in its fourth year, highlights key trends in 2019. It finds that global demand for liquefied natural … Continue reading SHELL LNG OUTLOOK 2020

Crisis Management Planning to Better Cashflows

Crisis management Set up a Crisis Management Team (CMT) as soon as possible to oversee major issues, formulate contingency plans, coordinate and align implementation of different departments, and ensure speedy responses and decision-making. If you already have a CMT, review and revise the representatives. Are the right people on the team as this situation rapidly develops? Communicate proactively Managing different stakeholders’ expectations and priorities during … Continue reading Crisis Management Planning to Better Cashflows

Difference between Net Sales and Gross Profit?

“Net sales” and “gross profit” are similar–but not identical–concepts in business economics. Like the similar phrases “gross profit margin” and “net profit,” both of which can easily become confused with either of the other two, they’re different ways of measuring the influx of money into a company. Identifying the separate values allows business accountants to pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t with the structure and … Continue reading Difference between Net Sales and Gross Profit?

How to Calculate a Blended Gross Profit Margin

How to Calculate a Blended Gross Profit Margin Gross profit margin is a ratio that indicates how much of a company’s revenue represents earnings before selling and administrative expenses. A business can calculate a gross profit margin for an individual product or it can calculate gross profit margin for all sales across all product and […]

Continue reading How to Calculate a Blended Gross Profit Margin

Understanding Variable Costs

Variable costs are business expenses that directly relate to the volume of production or product acquisition in a company. In contrast, fixed costs are those that remain constant regardless of a company’s output. Manufacturing materials, labor expenses and transaction fees are some of the most common examples of variable costs. Manufacturing Materials Direct manufacturing materials may be the purest example of a variable cost in … Continue reading Understanding Variable Costs