Askari Bank facilitating COVID-19 terminated employees and self employed who suffered losses.

Have you been #laidoff due to the #pandemic?

Do you have an account with Askari Bank?

Have you taken a loan from Askari Bank or use their #CreditCard?

Good news- rather some hopeful news- Askari Bank will view your case and accommodate with whatever they can.

Askari Bank’s take:

The pandemic of Covid-19 is impacting us all at a very personal level and in the conduct of our daily affairs. Yet our commitment is clear – we are here to help each other, stand together and fight this challenge. God willing, we will over come this difficult phase.

We need to rigorously follow all precautions prescribed by the health authorities, maintain social distancing and act as responsible citizens.

At Askari Bank, we are taking important steps to safeguard everyone, our customers, colleagues and communities.

The bank will review the request on case to case basis and will communicate its decision within 15 working days from the time of submitting all required documents

Following documents shall be sent along with the request

Salaried Individuals:

Scanned copy of CNIC
Job termination letter by employer
Evidence of Salary reduction or delay
Any other relevant document
Contact number and email address

Self Employed Business Professionals:

Scanned copy of CNIC
Proof of financial impact/ Bank Statements
Any other document that shows financial distress
Contact number and email address

On case to case basis, bank may request for additional documents

So apply away- remember don’t cheat your way. Avail this opportunity only if you are eligible.

Stay home. Stay safe.


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