Imran Khan congratulates Trudeau

Imran Khan tweeted:

Congratulations to Justin Trudeau for winning the elections in Canada. I look forward to working with him.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is known for his hospitality toward nations and cultures of all sorts.

Time and again, he has expressed his respect for Pakistan and has stressed on developing strong ties for economic and cultural stability.

He won our hearts with his thoughtful speech that he delivered during a reception held in his honor by the Pakistani community in Canada over a year ago.

So much so, he chanted the beloved national slogan of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ to exhibit his passion for the land of green.

While in his Independence Day message to Pakistan, Trudeau had stated:

“The people-to-people ties between Canada and Pakistan are older still. People from what is now Pakistan first migrated to Canada over a century ago and, since then, our connections have grown and deepened. Today, Canada and Pakistan work together on a number of global and regional issues, including climate change, security and defense, development and prosperity, trade and investment, governance, and democracy”

Justin Trudeau

His words struck a deep chord amongst Pakistanis who already harbor a soft spot for the PM.

“Tonight, we chose to move Canada forward. Tonight, Canadians have charted a path for the future. And I know we will walk it together.”

Canadian PM Trudeau after winning 2019 elections

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wins second term in Canada’s national elections.
His Thank You tweets

Leaders from all around the globe congratulated Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau has been re-elected. Here how his support, or lack thereof, is spread out across the country. Source: Bloomberg Canada 🇨🇦

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